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Re:1982!(Score:5, Insightful)

by Phreakiture (547094) on Tuesday October 04, @08:46AM (#13711408)

The Nobel Prize committee is almost as slow as Slashdot. The actual discovery, per TFA, was made in 1982. Similar to what I was going to post. I have known this since 1996 or so, when I heard a presentation by a Dr. Barach. He was saying that the cure for ulcers is tetracycline (antibiotic) and bismuth. In short, antibiotics with a shot of Pepto-Bismol should do it.The trouble with Dr. Barach knowing this is that, being a veterinarian, he was forbidden to use this knowledge on people. We have this taboo, which is sometimes codified into law (as it was where he practiced) that one person cannot be licenced as both a DVM and an MD.

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  • by Wills (242929) on Tuesday October 04, @08:52AM (#13711430)

    Years before this discovery was made, stomach ulcers like so many other health problems always used to be labelled by the doctors as a "stress" or "lifestyle" related condition, without any proof that anything more definite than that was really directly responsible. Even to this day, it is amazing that medicine still has literally thousands of loosely-defined medical "conditions" and "syndromes" which have no known specific cause but which are nonetheless given proper names for doctors to use as convenient diagnostic labels. Doctors are still trained to diagnose these "conditions", rather than to think harder about possible underlying cause(s). The two scientists in this story were brave enough to challenge the conventional wisdom of their peers that stress and lifestyle factors cause stomach ulcers. It's interesting to wonder how many other "conditions" are actually caused by undetected bacteria or viruses which are waiting to be discovered by scientists prepared to challenge the prevailing dogma.

    • by the eric conspiracy (20178) on Tuesday October 04, @09:26AM (#13711662)

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      This is a very insightful view of what is a real problem with the current practice of medicine . There are many 'syndromes' that are considered to be triggered by lifestyle when actually there are deeper root causes. All too much of medicine is based on statistical studies that show correlations - and correlations do not in any way provide causality.

      The real breakthrough in the discovery of a bacterial cause of ulcers is the spotlight it places on the worth of really finding the root cause of a problem rather than just hand waving and correlative studies. Hopefully the medical profession and medical research takes this lesson seriously because it provides a path to real progress in treatment of many debilitating serious chronic diseases. We spend too much time treating symptoms rather than auses and it drives the cost of medical care sky high.

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    • Re:Diagnosing "Conditions", not finding Causes by Alomex (Score:2) Tuesday October 04, @01:44PM

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  • Protects esophagus, harms stomach(Score:1, Informative)

    by chooks (71012) on Tuesday October 04, @08:54AM (#13711439)

    One of the more interesting items about this bug is that while it appears to cause stomach cancer, it also seems to protect against esophageal cancer: lori.shtml []

    It also seems to have some sort of effect on reducing acid reflux. Scientific American had a great article about a year ago or so about this bug and how it works. Very interesting reading.


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